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Lush haul

Hello everyone and Welcome back to my blog. Today I have a lush haul for you. I went on the lush kitchen website purely for one reason the kitchen exclusive avoshower gel. I got a few things from the website and every item I purchased I’ve never used before. 

First up is the avoshower which was the reason for the order in the first place. This has the same scent as the avobath bathbomb which is my favourite all time scent. It has lemon grass and avocado in in which just smells like heaven to me. This was a pricy shower gel for everyday use at almost £10 a bottle for 250ml so I think I will be saving this and using only for special occasions. 

Next up is one the lush iconic staples of lush. The comforter. The scent of this throw me a little bit. Completely different to what I was expecting. It smells very sweet to me which made me love it even more. 

Because this is a bubble bar I can get a lot of uses out of this which is why these are always good value for money. This bubble bar was cheaper than I expected it to be at around £5. 

Sex bomb bath bomb. Is one bathbomb I’ve seen a lot of but just every picked up off the shelf. I’m glad I bought this. This is just beautiful the little rose at the top gives that little extra. This is a fast fizzed. So will make a great demo on my YouTube channel. I can’t wait to use this, the smell is very sweet and it seems to me that I have a liking for the sweet scented products. 
Twighlight bath bomb is one of them that looks super beautiful and has a surprise inside. The scent of this is lavender which makes it a great bath bomb to use at night to relax and have a long soak in the bath. 


The last product is another lush exclusive. The after 8:30 massage bar. I’ve never used a massage bar before and have a lot of aches and pains so I thought with my new husband (haha. Thanks paul) he could give me a lovely massage. This also is packed with lots of good oils for the skin. So this will help with dry skin too. This smells exactly like after 8 chocolates. Which can only be a good thing. Right? 

This is everything I got in my haul. I’m very happy with the haul and will be buying more in the future. 

What’s your favourite lush product.