Hey everyone. Well for one of my very first posts. I will be showing you the prizes I won from an amazing lush giveaway.

I reposted an instagram picture from LUSHISGROOVY and I won some amazing prizes from her. Here is what I won:

The first thing is something I have not used before which is a solid perfume of Imogen rose. This smells insanely amazing and this maybe good for me to use for my wedding.

The next is a shampoo of curly wurly. I have not heard of this before and also never tried a shampoo from lush before. This looks natural with little tiny pieces of coconut in. This smells again so good.

The butter bear. One of my favourite products from lush. The butter bear is not the most amazing bathbomb to look at but butter bear is a great way to help go with your skin, which makes it super soft. Great to use for toddlers too.

The one prize I was super excited about the get the bubble grub exclusive to lush kitchen. The scent I’m not so sure about right now , but just look at it’s cute little face and you will melt. Alice in wonderland theme.

An extra which was not in the prize was a lovey surprise to get. From the bomb cosmetics. This looks very exciting to try and on top is a little from. To me looks either like a tiger or giraffe but I’m not sure.

I’m so happy about this prize and very thankful. I want to say a big thank you to LUSHISGROOVY who you should follow over on instagram for all things lush and future giveaways.


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